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Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Sleep Center Orange County is one of the only accredited sleep centers in Orange County.
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Board Certified in Sleep Medicine and Neurology
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  Medical Equipment

Sleep Center Orange County carries a wide selection of masks for PAP (positive airway pressure) therapy, along with the latest CPAP machine available by ResMed.

Our office staff includes personnel who are available to educate and instruct patients on the use of PAP (positive airway pressure) therapy. Our trained staff can perform mask fittings, can help determine the appropriate type of mask for each patient, and can provide instructions on machine maintenance. As a courtesy, calls will be placed to patients who receive their supplies from Sleep Center to remind them of their periodic mask refills (depending on insurance), which is typically every 3 months. Our office is here to make sure that our patients have new equipment and are using PAP therapy correctly.

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